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200+ PRESS CONTACTS 80+ INFLUENCERS 100m+ IMPRESSIONS Customers: As a team of marketing professionals, we have witnessed firsthand the dramatic transformation of the advertising landscape in recent years. In particular, we have seen influencer marketing emerge as a dominant force across virtually every industry, delivering a remarkable ROI that is 11 times higher than traditional […]

200+ PRESS MEMBERS 80+ MEETINGS 14M+ IMPRESSIONS OBJECTIVE Our goal was to create an exhibition space that was not only informative but also spacious and entertaining, providing an exceptional experience for both exhibitors and guests alike. By incorporating open and free-flowing spaces, we encouraged visitors to interact with the exhibits and each other in a […]

128k+ PEAK CONCURRENT VIEWERS 71k+ AVERAGE CONCURRENT VIEWERS 1m+ TOTAL WATCHED HOURS Customer: ACTION We teamed up with Vertagear and Twitch to deliver an outstanding experience for the PUBG Broadcaster Royale: OMEN Challenge. Our goal was to provide 140 high-quality gaming chairs for the event, where the top streamers in the world competed against each […]

80m+ COMBINED FOLLOWERS 540m+ TEAM VALUATION 100+ PLAYERS UNDER CONTRACT Customer: ACTION Team SoloMid, better known as TSM, is a highly valued esports team with over 100 players across more than 10 different gaming titles, and a staggering 35 million-plus followers. As a leader in the competitive gaming industry, TSM understands the importance of branding […]