TwitchCon 2018

Twitch Broadcaster Royale: OMEN Challenge

Provide a comfortable seating solution at the largest Twitch event of the year, TwitchCon


  • Provide 140 gaming chairs for the PUBG Broadcaster Royale: OMEN Challenge
  • Offer a pre-built solution to Twitch significantly reducing setup time
  • Showcase our clients brand during the live event

  • Action
    Working together with Vertagear and Twitch we helped execute and secure 140 gaming chairs for the PUBG Broadcaster Royale: OMEN Challenge. Watching some of the biggest streamers in the world battle it out against each other for a $300,000 USD Prize Pool, Vertagear was prominently featured on stream when showing players.

    The Twitch broadcast saw peak viewership of 128,042 and an average of 70,812, a total of 1,079,872 hours of the event was watched online alongside a number of people who attended TwitchCon in San Jose.

    Finally, further coverage of the event was seen via each of the individual streamers channel bringing with it even more viewers and community interaction to wrap up a successful activation.




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