TSM Brand Partnership

Premium seating you could buy

Create a personalized seating solution for one of the largest esports brands in the world that not only looked good but stood up to the TSM vision


  • Create a premium seating solution for the expanding esport organization TSM
  • Highlight both the TSM brand and chair partners logo on a personalized product
  • Mass produce the chair giving TSMs 35m+ followers access to a piece of the brand

  • Action
    With an estimated value of $250m, Team SoloMid, or TSM as it’s known as to its 35m+ followers is one of the most valuable esports teams in the world. With over 100 players spanning across more than ten different titles, TSM is synonymous with competitive gaming at the highest level.

    When it came to creating a co-branded seating solution, it was important that more than just a logo was added to a chair. Wanting to make sure that the quality of the product was in line with the brand, a TSM version of the highly popular SL2000 gaming chair from Vertagear was created.

    Outside of just traditional branding on stream, it was important that users also had an opportunity to own a piece of the TSM brand. Via the Vertagear website fans of the brand have the opportunity to purchase the very chair that their favorite streamers are using.




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