CES Las Vegas 2020


Offer an open and free-flowing exhibition space that was informative, spacious, and entertaining to both exhibitors and guests.


  • Create a turn-key solution for manufacturers allowing them to showcase their brand easily
  • Offer an open environment allowing space for manufacturers and media to connect without the noise of the LV Convention Center
  • Offer numerous private areas for partners to conduct meetings
  • Expose manufacturers to the largest tech media in the world
  • Create an environment that generated social media imagery via interesting highlights




CES 2020 marked our biggest event space allowing not only more companies but more space for customers who are joining us again. The result of the bigger space was more to show off, and more room for people as we received an excellent flow of people throughout the three days visiting our various guests that covered cases, water cooling, power supplies, computer mods, gaming chairs, and custom made Red Bull Gaming Station.

Everything from newly released products to ones that hadn’t hit the market yet were showcased allowing the largest media and sales partners in the world to get a hands-on look with both the products and the people behind them. Offering an unmatched level of access and numerous meeting rooms, guests found themselves being able to have private closed-door meetings to discuss the most important details.

While we’ve got many tech events between now and CES 2021, with the space booked and partners already signing, it’s never too early to get onboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to do your first CES, or change it up, we’re here to help!








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