Capcom Pro Tour

Road to the 2018 Capcom Cup

Highlight Vertagear to the ever-growing and extremely passionate fighting game community increasing both branding and sales through the most prestigious league, the Capcom Pro Tour


  • Highlight both Vertagear products and branding via chair placement and on screen branding
  • Create a call to action driving people to the website to purchase Vertagear products

  • Action
    Consisting of over 1,000s of entries across 60 events that span the entire globe with major stops at places like EVO 2018, Tokyo Game Show, and Dreamhack Montreal, the Pro Tour comes to an end in Las Vegas where the top 32 players battle it out for $380,000 USD with first place picking up $250,000 USD.

    Throughout the year, Vertagear chairs were seen throughout the premier events as the seating of choice for the top competitors in the world alongside on-screen branding within all the streams. Outside of traditional advertising, a call to action was running, inviting viewers to purchase directly from Vertagear.com with a discount.

    With countless viewers throughout the year, it all culminated in Las Vegas on December 15 and 16 to a peak viewership of 120,473 and an average of 58,628 who enjoyed 1,656,233 hours of the best fighting game talent in the world.




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