By Chris Katzer

tenfold.global takes over Business Development for Cybenetics

It’s safe to say that this year hasn’t gone according to what any of us had planned. One moment we are at CES in Las Vegas and the other moment we face lock downs all over the world bringing public life to a standstill. It’s crazy to look back on this year, besides the terrible loss of life, economies were shattered as well. We can all but hope that the situation gets resolved soon and we can all go back to a normal life soon.

Our good friends at Cybenetics reached out to us at CES this year and asked if we could help them with the business development side of things of their company. For people who know me from my previous endeavors working for example for AnandTech as an editor within the fields of power supply and PC case testing, it should come to no surprise that I understood the situation and wanted to help right away. As we all know Covid happened and everything suddenly went into a deep winter sleep. Currently, Cybenetics is based out of Limassol, Cyprus and to better attend to their business, they planned to move to Taipei, Taiwan within 2020 but were delayed due to Covid.

To start at the beginning, Cybenetics is a company that has different fields of operation. The primary business is to test PC components such as power supplies, cases and CPU coolers and award them within a certification program. There are different suites of testing for each component, and the power supply test methodology is surely the most complex one. Products are being tested for their energy efficiency, noise output and noise dampening. This is actually really amazing, because with these certifications the normal end-user in the shop can easily distinguish between bad units to really good ones.

The efficiency certification ETA for power supplies will be particularly special because Cybenetics has a certification level called Diamond in its portfolio that has not been reached by any power supply on the market yet. To all companies we talked to, this has definitely set a mark and everyone feels this to be an exciting race. Let’s see who will be the first company to reach the coveted Cybenetics Diamond efficiency which would be a real step forward in efficient power supply design.

tenfold.global is honored to be tasked with the business development for Cybenetics and we will be making sure the move to Taipei will be soon and swift, so the business can be run easier.


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