By Shawn Baker

CES 2020: Connecting people in style and comfort

CES 2020 was amazing! We could stop there and it would honestly wrap up the Las Vegas show perfectly! However, we won’t. For us, the event was bigger than ever, not just due to the amount of space we offered, but the amount of people who came through the tenfold.global suite. Sitting back and reflecting on the show the biggest takeaway for us was the connecting of friends old and new. 

From founders and CEOs of the largest tech companies and esport organizations to the biggest media in the world, the suite had a constant flow of faces both old and new.  Not only did it serve as a hub to connect media and sales partners with companies, it quickly became a hangout for three days as people needed to take a quick break and have a beer or reenergize with a Red Bull. The suite was fun, exciting, informative, and friendly. 

Deals made, laughs had, friends created, and priceless connections and media exposure were seen. The theme at the end of it all was clear, the two floor suite spanning over 2,500 square-foot served as a hot spot for connecting people. 

However, we’re just a piece of the giant puzzle that was our CES Suite. Across the space our invaluable partners in Lian Li, Alphacool, FSP, AK Racing, and Streambeans.io served a smorgasbord of cool tech, innovative ideas, and a wealth of knowledge. Whether it was the sales channel or tech YouTubers, there was always someone to speak to about the latest happenings of your company.

Alongside an array of new and exciting products from companies, two centerpieces stood out among the sea of people. Alphacool showcased an amazing handmade Star Wars X-Wing PC. Created by German modder RandomDesign, this masterpiece took over 2,000 hours to create via hundreds of 3D printed parts. You couldn’t help but be in awe of the build, and sadly any pictures don’t do the system justice. As it ventures around the world via a massive crate, if you ever get a chance to see it, we’d highly recommend you take the time to do so.

While that was on the left side of the suite, to the right, guests found themselves greeted by our amazing Red Bull Gaming Station. After months of work with Envious Mods the result was jaw dropping. With a press of the button the system opens inviting you to sit back in comfort and get ready to game in style. Thanks to some amazing partners in LG, Alphacool, Fractal Design, Builds.gg, CableMod, Aorus, Zadak, Kingston, ImperatorWorks, and Red Bull, this one of a kind machine had some of the biggest names in tech sitting on it.

From PCMR Founder Pedro to our friends from Science Studio and Linus Tech Tips the seat was always warm as one person after another found themselves sitting inside it working their way through Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While this was the first of its kind, we can with confidence tell you that it won’t be the last.

CES 2020 was an amazing start to the year and fills us with both confidence and joy as we move forward. For everyone that visited or participated, we thank you for starting 2020 right with us. We hope you’re as excited for 2020 as we are and if you’d like to learn more about what we do, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here’s to a great decade ahead of us!

Check out our image gallery on Flickr for all the images of the event.


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