By Chris Katzer

2020 Here We Come

Happenings in 2019

It’s been a crazy year, and we find ourselves truly in awe of the number of opportunities that have become present across the esports and gaming space. With so many people here for all the right reasons, it’s exciting to see both them and companies alike push the envelope via new and interesting marketing methods.

One company that has stood out over the years is Red Bull who is constantly evolving as a leader in the space. Heavily involved in both gaming and esports, they’ve become one of the true ambassadors of the industry we love, and working together with them is always a pleasure.

Speaking of which, we currently find ourselves together with them alongside Media Markt / Saturn in Germany working on a yet to be disclosed project. While on the other side of the world we prepare to unveil the Red Bull Gaming Station at CES 2020 which we’ve created alongside our friends at EnviousMods.

A trip to Los Angeles in November as always proved both fun and productive as we got to visit Beyond The Summit, a video and event production company known for creating some of the most unforgettable tournaments for such titles as Dota 2, Smash, and CS:GO. The visit was certainly a special one as we got to see them in the middle of the first Dota Pro Circuit Event for the new season. Getting a chance to see the inner workings of a tournament is always a treat.

At the same time, we also had a chance to check in on the PUBG Global Championship in the amazing OGN Super Arena which ended just a few weeks later at Oakland Arena where our client AK Racing was the exclusive chair supplier which saw Korean team Gen.G win $2,000,000 USD.


What to look for in 2020

As the year comes to a close and we get ready for CES 2020, we’re extremely excited about the projects that are already in motion for 2020 as we prepare for some mammoth events. With several partnerships already underway, we can’t wait to work further with more amazing esport teams and event organizers.

While 2020 starts early with CES in Las Vegas, we’ll be in Europe just a few weeks later as our partnership with Riot Games, and Lagardere kicks off with the LEC 2020 season. Alongside Berlin, we’re excited about our clients’ products showing up at the League of Legends Spring, and Summer Splits which will be held in locations still yet to be shared publicly.

We’re ecstatic to be part of the League Of Legends European Championship next year, Riot Games continue to stand out in the esport space as they produce not only one of the worlds largest sporting events, but events period! We can’t wait to be there, making sure the goals of our clients are met and the maximum ROI is achieved.

As great as 2019 has been, we can’t wait for 2020, and we certainly can’t wait to run into you at some corner of the planet!


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