By Chris Katzer

Are you ready for CES 2020?

We’re going big for CES 2020, bigger than we’ve ever been before. Already 11 months in the making, CES 2020 is going to be bigger and better than ever before with more partners and more activations.

No longer is the suite a simple visit; it’s an experience that has to be seen to enjoy! You’ll be able to do everything from game on one of the most exquisite PC setups ever seen, chat with friends, share a beer over a round of billiards, or kick back with a coffee. Across 3,000 sq ft we’ll be showcasing some of the latest and greatest products from some of the most impactful tech companies.

Our suite at Caesars Palace

Lian Li will be showcasing the latest generation of cases, including their Odyssey X, which has been dubbed “a morphing chassis” thanks to its incredible customization. With any great case, though, great fans must be present and showing off the latest Concept UNI Fans reminds us how hard cable management has been in the past.

Tech enthusiasts wanting to take it up a notch will find the latest products from water cooling giant Alphacool, who every year grab the attention of the largest tech influencers in the world alongside FSP with their Hydro-PTM+ water cooled power supply.

The only view better than that of the strip will be that of the latest LG ultra-wide, ultra-large gaming displays that are being showcased and demoed with our partner ImperatorWorks via their latest gaming station giving people an opportunity to truly see, and feel what all the fuss is about on both products.

With Red Bull we not only have an amazing energy drink partner to keep us all energized, CES 2020 will also mark the unveiling of a customized one-off gaming station known as the “Red Bull Gaming Sphere” that was developed in partnership with tenfold.global and EnviousMods. Months in the making, this exclusive piece of the gaming future will be accessible to guests of the suite before it lands in LA and makes its way throughout the country via Red Bull in 2020.

Creating a completely turn-key solution for our CES partners, we pride ourselves on offering a CES experience that is fun and easy for both manufacturers and guests. If you’re still in the planning stage, or simply not sure what or how to do CES 2020, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and be apart of our most amazing CES experience yet as we continue the trend of bringing friends, colleagues, and companies together.


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