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CES Las Vegas








Our goal was to create an exhibition space that was not only informative but also spacious and entertaining, providing an exceptional experience for both exhibitors and guests alike.

By incorporating open and free-flowing spaces, we encouraged visitors to interact with the exhibits and each other in a natural and organic way, fostering a sense of community and engagement. We ensured that the design and layout of the space were optimized for ease of navigation, minimizing any potential barriers to engagement.

Our team of skilled professionals worked tirelessly to create an exhibition space that exceeded expectations, delivering an exceptional experience for both exhibitors and guests.
Create a turnkey solution for manufacturers allowing them to showcase their brand easily
Offer an open environment allowing space for manufacturers and media to connect without the noise of the LV Convention Center
Offer numerous private areas for partners to conduct meetings
Expose manufacturers to the largest tech media in the world
Create an environment that generated social media imagery via interesting highlights



CES 2020 was an epic milestone for us as it marked our biggest event space to date, allowing more companies and guests to participate than ever before. Our focus was on creating an informative, spacious, and entertaining exhibition space that offered something for everyone, from hardcore tech enthusiasts to casual visitors.

With more space to work with, we were able to showcase an impressive range of products, including newly released items and prototypes that were yet to hit the market. From cases and water cooling solutions to power supplies, gaming chairs, and even a custom-made Red Bull Gaming Station, our guests were treated to an exclusive hands-on look at some of the most innovative and exciting products in the industry.

In addition to product showcases, our event also offered unparalleled access to the people behind the products. Our numerous meeting rooms provided the perfect setting for private closed-door discussions between partners, sales teams, and media representatives, giving everyone the chance to delve into the most important details and forge new relationships.