Rainbow Six Raleigh Major

A custom touch for the Raleigh Major

Coordinate with the organizer of the Rainbow Six Raleigh Major to find them a suitable chair sponsor with personalized branding


  • Locate a sponsor to provide 50 chairs making sure the top Rainbow Six players in the world are comfortable during the Raleigh Major
  • Include personalized embroidery for both the event and sponsor

  • Action
    One of just two Rainbow Six Majors in 2019 consisting of 16 teams, the organizers for the Raleigh Major were in need of a comfortable seating solution that highlighted the event on the headrest showing off a more custom feel. Partnered with AK Racing, we secured 50 of their most comfortable chairs and organized personalized Rainbow Six Raleigh Major embroidery on the headrest.

    Over six days AK Racing was prominently presented on stream with the best R6 gamers in the world as they fought it out for a total prize pool of $500,000 USD. Throughout the broadcast an average viewership of 106,079 viewers was present and tuned in to 6,073,009 hours of Rainbow Six.

    It all peaked at the grand final between Team Empire and G2 Esports for 236,249 viewers. Across four games both teams enjoyed the comfort that AK Racing offered with Team Empire coming out ahead as the winner of $200,000 USD.


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