By Chris Katzer

AKRacing take a seat at the LEC

Precise, straightforward, and extremely professional are just some of the words we‘d use to describe our dealings with the partnership team at both Riot Games and Lagardère Group. Not all esport associated organizations are created equally, and both Riot and Lagardère set one of the finest examples of how things should be done.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working together to make sure the best League of Legends players in Europe are able to compete at their absolute best in both comfort and style with AKRacing. This involved not only selecting the perfect chair to use, but also design a chair that is representative of AKRacing, Riot, and League of Legends that will be both used and sold.

Still, speaking to organizations and watching the new season unfold live on Twitch, or YouTube is one thing, entering their studio for the first time in Berlin to watch the weekend take place in person is a completely different experience. Shown to 100,000s of people on stream, you’ll see the ever-popular AKRacing LX Plus Gaming Chair on stage and behind the scenes in the backstage area.

However, overlooking the stage, you’ll find a beautifully presented VIP Lounge outfitted with the same chairs and fully stocked fridges with Red Bull and other drinks resulting in a private viewing experience where you can enjoy the games and the company of other partners. Sitting back and enjoying the games while conversing is a real treat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching in person at the Berlin Studio or online in the comfort of your own home,  Riot has created an amazing viewer experience that caters to 100,000s of fans every weekend during the current LEC Spring 2020 Split that will end in Budapest with a winner being awarded their share of the €200,000 prize pool and an automatic seed to the 2020 Mid Season Invitational.

Photo Credits Riot Games, visit Flickr for more

While this is our first visit to the LEC, it certainly won’t be our last as we prepare to visit again for the LEC 2020 Spring Grand Finals. Still, once that’s done, we get to do it all again for the LEC 2020 Summer Split later in the year, which will see the Grand Finals in Sweden.

If you’re a fan of esports, you’ll quickly find yourselves like us sitting in awe of what Riot Games is doing in the space as they continue to offer premier viewing experiences for League of Legends. We can’t wait to see what they do in the future with all the upcoming titles that they announced last year. Check out the LEC stream for all the action, every Friday and Saturday.

We’ll see you on the Rift!


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