By Chris Katzer

Computex 2019 down, onto CES 2020 we go!

Every year around June, we find ourselves in Taipei, Taiwan, for Computex. It is one of the most important trade shows for the computer hardware industry, and you will find anyone in the business of computer components and peripherals. This year has been our 17th visit to Computex and yet it somehow never gets old. Over the last 17 years, we’ve attended Computex in the form of an exhibitor, journalist, or a simple international visitor allowing us to see Computex from every possible angle.

As an exhibitor, you are bound to your booth, or suite waiting for appointments or talking to walk-ins. Standing quite still for the week, you’re quite oblivious to the happenings outside your space.

As a journalist, you hit the ground running and find yourself between the main hall in Nangang and various hotels around Taipei. You never seem to stop as you’re constantly fighting for exclusives and rumors alongside 100’s of other media reaching millions of people worldwide. When the day ends, your work begins as you find yourself huddled over a laptop writing up the stories you’ve managed to grab during the day.

The Alphacool booth at Computex 2019. The German company specializes in high-end water cooling for PC systems and servers.

Still, over the last few years, we’ve seen a shift as video has become a more prominent platform. No longer is everyone taking notes and photos; instead, they’re standing with a microphone in hand and a camera person in front. The heavier workload that goes into video production means that media are visiting fewer people, and instead, are just visiting manufacturers that bring in views. Having been on every side of the event, it’s a little sad to see the friendship and relationship building take a backseat to the business. Long-term, it continues to feel like a mistake.

While recent years has seen us coordinate booths and suites for our clients, this year, we slowed down a little and had the opportunity to go in as a visitor. Catching up with industry friends of 20 years, seeing how manufacturers talk to international visitors and generally getting to feel a bit like a journalist again like when at Anandtech, albeit without the stress of having to go back and write ten articles, Computex 2019 was a different beast this year.

With over 5,500 booths being looked at by more than 40,000 visitors who have access to millions of people, hearing the murmur of rumors, the excitement of AMD showing up in force, and the interest of new products coming to market, Computex 2019 as always left its stamp on the heart of many over that week.

When it comes to the computer components and peripherals, Computex is one of two stops you have to visit during the year. January 2020 sees us at CES in Las Vegas showcasing some of the newest components on the planet. Held up in Caesar’s Palace, CES 2020 will be our best show yet!

With media from all over the world visiting, tenfold.global will increase the bar for what is expected out of a suite during the busy week. If you’ve thought about exhibiting at CES, but find yourself worried about the setup, or getting people to you, don’t hesitate to contact us while space is still available.


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